Miss Luna’s Services

Miss Luna is a professional dominatrix who specialises in discreet, friendly and kinky Sissy Cross Dressing services and full makeover transformation for men .

Based in Central London ,Miss Luna offers Tranny training , Enforced feminization, Sissy training, TV maid training, TV Slut training, TV Doll training, Sissy humiliation, Transvestite transformations, Enforced crossdressing, Sissification,Maid training, Petticoat training,Sissy Ballerina training, Corset training, Men to Female transformation, Rubber Doll transformation, Sissy Slut training , Plastic - Vinyl & Pvc Sissy Crossdressing, Little sissy regression, Sissy forced regression, Public Sissy humiliation, Sissy Rope Bondage fantasies, Sissy spanking, Sissy caning ,Sissy domestic discipline, Trannies bound and gagged fantasies, Sissy mummification, Sissy blackmailed, Sissy Maid in chastity, Sissy cockholding, Sissy slave training and Sissy Forced Bi.

Miss Luna welcome first time beginners as well as very experienced Sissies, Trannies and couples.Experience a combination of crossdressing, Tie & Tease, tease & denial,Sissy french maid fantasy, Adult Baby & Diaper Lover Age playing, as well Classical Domination from mild to hard core and extrem BDSM sessions.

Miss Luna’s sessions can be conducted in the Dungeon, Adult Baby & Diaper Lover Nursery or domestic setting.Photographs can be also taken.

An example of the most popular BDSM activities we can enjoy together are-

  • Strap-on training
  • Dildo training
  • Full Toilet training
  • Forced anal play
  • Medical examination
  • OTK – Over the Knees -spanking and discipline
  • Slapping
  • Facesitting
  • Clothed facesitting
  • Foot-leg and boot worship
  • Tie and tease
  • Tease and denial
  • Venus 2000 Milking Machine Sessions
  • Milking sessions
  • CBT – Cock & Ball torture
  • CP – Corporal Punishments
  • Vacuum Penis pump training
  • Electro stimulation
  • Nipple play
  • Bondage
  • Rope Bondage
  • Mummification
  • Fisting
  • Humiliation
  • Public Humiliation
  • Age Play
  • Role Plays
  • Scripted Role Plays
  • Prostate Massage
  • WaterSports
  • Hardsports
  • Slaping
  • Trampling
  • Ballbusting


Sessions include this options:

  • Unlimited use of Miss Luna’s Wardrobe including boots and Shoes Collection
  • Make up and hairstyles
  • Fake eye lashes and false nails
  • Fashion wigs.


Choose from the 6 options of Cross-dressing mixed with Role Play and Domination (or simply Full Make over Transformation and photo shoot sessions)


Package 1- Basic Cross -Dressing Services and Full Make-over Transformation:

This option includes unlimited use of Miss Luna’s extensive wardrobe including the shoes and boots collection, make-up and hairstyle, fake eyelashes and false nails as well as fashion wigs .Everything you need for a full makeover.

Package 2- Cross -Dressing  Services + Role play and Domination session:

This option is based on the full makeover followed by a BDSM Light or extreme Domination session or AB-DL session  in the Dungeon, Adult Baby & Diaper Lover Nursery or domestic setting.


Package 3- Sissy Maid Training:

This option is based on the individual attention needed to develop the skills required of a Sissy Maid -dressed in sissy French maid attire, apron, cap and traditional shoes. The sissy maid’s purpose is to make the Mistress’s life easier, mostly at the discretion of the Mistress. These tasks may include washing dishes, cleaning the Boudoir, polishing the toilet and kitchen, dusting , vacuuming carpets, ironing the bed linens and preparing tea or giving a foot massage to the Mistress.
The sissy maid can be used to shine, polish ,and care for the shoe and boot collection, as well as used to hand wash the Mistress’s lingerie. Discipline and punishments could be administered by the Mistress if the sissy maid misbehaves. From difficult cleaning tasks in an isolated room, to corporal punishments or humiliation.
Relief is allowed at the end of the duties. (The Maid is required to do this herself in front of the Mistress and her Girlfriends)


Package 4-Secretary Slut for a Day Fantasy :

If your dream is being Miss Luna’s PA and a Sub Bitch Boy Slut for a day,

Now it can come true! Be a secretary for a Sexy Controlling naughty Boss!

Secretary for a Day Fantasy may include, choosing together the perfect Secretary Outfit such as a pair of pink lace panties, short black or pencil skirt, tight buttoned silky shirt, pantyhose or stockings, nail polish and black rectangular glasses.

The main duties of a Secretary Slut are :Making tea for your Boss, answering her phone calls, arranging her meetings, replying her emails ,and giving foot and leg massages to the Boss Bitch.The other purpose of a Secretary Slut is to suck big cocks for her Bitch Boss .There is a big black strap-on dildo waiting for you, which will be used for your Slut training.Relief is allowed after the Secretary Duties are completed to the Boss’s satisfaction.. (The Secretary Slut will have to do this herself in front of the Boss and her Girlfriends)


Package 5-Sissy Slut training:

This option is based on turning a Sub boy into a girly Sissy Slut Slave.
Sissy sluts are trained in all feminine things, from putting makeup on and high heels,to be lend out by the Mistress’s friends or to be used as a Sex Toy (in order to please real men for the Mistress’s pleasure or profit)
Sissy Sluts fantasies often include enforced chastity, strap-on training, forced bi under the direction of the Mistress and uniformed maid service to serve the Mistress.


Package 6-Sissy Cross-dressing Bondage Fantasy:

This option is based in kidnap the slave-boy ,transforming him into a French sissy maid or Sexy sissy Slut .Helplessly bound and gagged ,tied up safely with leather body restraints, placed into heavy rope bondage, kept in a straight jacket ,immobilised on top of the Bondage table or Suspension Bondage Board ,or left for many hours in a rubber inflatable BS3 bondage Sleep sack or Deluxe Leather Sleep sack .Finally Miss Luna will give a relief to the sissy before she sends her back home !

Package 7-Sissy Ballerina Fantasy :

This option is based in a forced Ballerina Sissification ,transforming the slave -boy into a sweet pink ballet Sissy Girl .Ballet training lessons will be conducted by Miss Luna in front of the mirror .Sissy Ballet Girl will be wearing ballet attire such as baby pink leotard ,ballet pointe shoes ,tutu skirts ,professional tutu ,pink legwarmers ,stirrup leg warmers .it can be followed of a Bdsm or Fetish role play session.