Adult Baby Dress

Playful Adult Baby dress


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Adult Sissy Baby girls are Mistress’s favorite pets, because are so sweet and playful, that she adores to play with them and dress them as her little sissy babies.

Mistress Luna in her Nursery & Cross dressing room has lots of fancy sissy adult baby dresses for them to try while being looked after a sweet Nanny – Mistress.

Mistress Luna has sissy little girls dresses and adult baby dresses for every special occasion. She also has her own private collection of adult baby dresses, because are so cute that she dresses as an adult baby girl when she has little sissy friends to play around.

All her sissy adult baby dresses are made from the best sissy adult baby dresses tailor here in the UK. Cosyndry – the leading and most caring sissy adult baby dresses makers with the latest creations of adult sissy dresses and little sissy clothes !

Luna’s adult baby dresses are all made to measure, for all little girls ages and body sizes, then do not worry if you are a big or tiny adult baby girl, because Mistress – Nanny Luna has everything an adult baby sissy girl needs to look cute – sissy and prissy pansy girl.

In her adult sissy baby dresses you will find beautiful short smocked adult baby dresses made of shiny satin baby pink colors, printed cotton summer little girl dresses, adorable gingham smocked baby dresses with matching set of frilly knickers and suspender belts, lavender party frocks with an organza  for those little sissy princesses.

And for those naughty boys that needs to be disciplined and locked in her Nursery, Mistress – Nanny has delightful frilly sissy boy satin rompers in bright sissy babyish colors to punish and humiliate troubled little sissy boys.