French Sissy Maid Uniforms

Fantasy French Sissy Maid uniforms


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Satin or Gingham French Sissy Maid Uniforms are the most wanted maids dresses for those sissies looking to engage on Sissy maid training. Mistress Luna has acquired an extensive collection of more than 60 French Sissy Maid Uniforms, available in many colors and lengths, made to measure from small to 5xl, and best quality heavy cotton or thick  shinny satin.

Whether traditional french maid uniforms or very tight sexy and short maid dress, lockable or not lockable, with frills and lots of lace, long or short, with sleeves laced and designed to puff up, ribbons or ruffles, with square or round necks, plenty of bows, made to match petticoats so you can show off – like double lace effect, to enhance the dress with a full circle skirt.

All our dresses are made from cotton, satin, organza or PVC, with a full circle skirt, comes completed to take any type of apron with large bow and made to fit the waist, as well as bib maid apron style, maid caps, headdress – headbands or headpieces.

French sissy maid uniforms are different to each other, designed depending of every household maid duties. The duties of a maid are defined by their Mistress in charge or either the Housemaid, to the chamber maid – the parlor maid or waitress.



Housemaid in a big house, her duties are superintendence the care of the house, going around from morning till evening checking that all house work is in order.

Parlor maids is at work at six o’clock dressed in black dress, white apron, cap collar and cuffs . And she takes care or parlors sitting rooms, drawing rooms and looking after her Mistress clothes. She helps the waitress at lunch time and dinner, answers the front door and other tasks as dusting, sweeping and she has the duties of a second man.

The Chamber maid also raises at six o’clock dressed in black dress, white apron, cap, collar and cuffs. She dust the halls and stairs, opens bedroom windows and make the Mistress’s bed, put away dressing gowns and slippers, washes out soap-dishes and cleans toilets.

The Waitress raises at six thirty at least, she must always have on her own black dress, apron and cap before lunch is served. She shares duties with the parlor maid, serves refreshments in the evening, coffee after dinner.