Little Sissy Girl Dress

Pansy Prissy Little Sissy Girl dress


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Since adult little sissy girls are so sweet and like to dress silky, satin short dresses, full of bows, abundance of frills of lace, and gorgeous petticoat full of layers of satin and glass silk, Mistress Luna has a large selection – dozen different outfits, in many different colors, all made out of beautiful satin and shimmery glass silk – thick cottons and glamorous shinny satin, of pansy sissy dresses – adorable little sissy dress, with sissy bells on the cuffs, with square full satin pinafores, and generous petticoats to look a real Sissy Pansy Princess in your prissy sissy look.

A little sissy girl is playful and gracious feminine creature born as a boy and transformed into a prissy sissy girl, who likes to dress up with pretty frilly little sissy dress and matching frilly panties underneath, designed to peep out from under the skirt, and perhaps having a little padlock at the rear to be locked away and a matching little girls bag to carry her little dolls and pink lipstick.

A  little sissy dress always looks nice on a Pansy Prissy little sissy girl, who likes to impress boys and girls and feel very special, and look pretty girlish for a naughty sissy appointment. Little princesses like to be dolled up by a Dominant female figure that understands their sensitive sissy inside them.

Some little sissy girls sometimes ask to feminise then even more, to look like a big sissy prissy girl, and be put in a tight corset with sheer nylon stockings and spiked high heels, and stood  up by the mirror to appreciate her member upright between her beautiful spread-ed legs and her girlish body.