Satin Sissy Dresses

Satin Sissy Dresses & satin fantasies


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Most sissies get very excited when thinking of wearing satin sissy dresses, they fantasize of wearing all day long. Mainly sissies prefer stunning bright – pinkish – vibrant and colorful shiny satin sissy dresses, very short ones complemented with a tutu underneath or a multilayer-ed petticoat, matching with satin knickers, training bras, panties, garter suspender belts and satin opera gloves.

Mistress Luna has a huge range and selection of satin sissy dresses for every occasion and every “Sissy Satin Lover”, all tailor made, including fantasy sissy dresses, french sissy maid dresses, satin sissy weeding dresses, satin dressing gowns, brides maid sissy dresses, satin baby dolls, bride sissy dresses, sissy nurse dresses, adult baby sissy dresses, prissy sissy dresses, pansy sissy dresses, and much more .. all made from wonderful soft satin fabrics in very girlish – feminine colors  and patterns (such as baby pink – bridal whites – Bridal satin – bright pink- lavender – berry – reds – blues – purple – lemon – baby blue – polka dot)  presented with satin lace trims and satin bows, to make you feel pretty and glamorous.

All these sissy attires can be worn with accessories, satin boned under bust corset, to give a real female hourglass shape, silky vintage hosiery and sexy high heels or tight boots.




Satin Sissy Fantasies

Because being satin sissified is fun, sexy and erotic, all sissies surrender to my sissy satin hypnosis, and they find themselves trapped and bounded into satin sissy dresses. Once fully transformed and satin feminized I begin to train my sissies for my own amusing and convenience.

Some of them are put into chastity – to prevent self stimulation, others gagged and hand cuffed and forced to perform housekeeping, sissy maid tasks, humiliating jobs and sometimes sent them back home wearing ultra lacy sissy panties.

Others can be dressed from head to toes, in lockable sissy satin dresses, to gain full control of the sissy, with humiliating and embarrassing short prissy dresses and made to go late night for shopping to the 24hrs store next door, which I can see from my bedroom window.

There is nothing that make happier, than forced my sissy boys into satin sissy dresses and play naughty games with them, even call my naughty assistants to forced bi them !