Satin Sissy Panties

Girly Satin Sissy Panties


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Have you ever stopped to think why panties are so important for girls – sissies and men ? Well, panties are the most comfortable, softest, silky, colorful, sexy, sensual, erotic, glamorous, piece of clothing that have ever been designed . This is why men gets crazy when women wear it, sissies get excited to wear it, and we love buying to wear it !

Men Trapped in satin sissy panties

There are too many reasons why Mistresses, dominatrices, Lady bosses and dominant wives use satin sissy panties as a handful tool to dominate their slaves, clients, employees, husbands and lovers :

Because men trapped, forced or not to wear satin sissy panties, are more submissive, dedicated, docile, loving, obedient to do sissy chores – house tasks and unwanted jobs.


Because it is fun to force them to wear it, and a great opportunity for an evil Findom Mistress to blackmail her sissy panty slave, financial dominate and drain him.

Because if the best ever punishment for a naughty unfaithful husband to improve his behavior, and being make to perform sissy duties around the house while he has his male friends over.

Because it has been used by women charged with the domestic and school care of upbringing naughty, troublesome and immature, members of the male sex of all ages, by petticoating and panty training, which have made them more sweet, girlish, disciplined and respectful to female authority.



 Satin sissy Panty training

Our satin sissy panties are made for special occasions, for those sissy beginners that are in need of panty training, and are ready to start the ultimate sissy panty training.

Our huge selection of silky – girlish – pinkish panty knickers will seduce you and hypnotize you that you will never wear again any boyish underwear in your entire sissy life !