Sissy Ballerina Outfit

Fairy Sissy Ballerina outfit


Nothing is more fun and gracious, that dressing up a sissy boy with my sissy ballerina outfit, curled blond wigs, applying make up on her cheek bones such as pinkish blush, and glossy pink lipstick on. Then she becomes that beautiful Sissy Princess she always dreamed off !

Mistress Luna’s sissy ballerina outfit consist of made to measure ballet uniforms that fits men’s body up to 5xl, glamorous shinny pink satin and net ballerina costume, long sleeves bright shiny nylon spandex bodice – leotards, colorful layered crinolines net tutus skirts short and medium knee length, baby pink tights, soft pink wool ankle warmers, satin pink pointy ballerina shoes with pink ribbons tied all around the ankles.

Time for sissy ballerina lessons, fully dressed with your sissy ballerina outfit,  forced to wear extreme patent ballet boots and trained by the mirror.

Pretty ballerinas usually get humiliated by an evil Mistress Ballet teacher,  as well by  her naughty girlfriends, forced sissy petticoated and made to perform by the pole dance , with fully make-up on trapped and helpless – sissy ballerinas are made to bend over and practice the moves.

Some Sissy boys are always into trouble, from one thing to another, then best punishment is to dress them up in a sissy ballerina outfit, lock her naughty penis in chastity to feel even more girlish, and made to wear diapers underneath the tutu skirt.

Leotard Sissies are made to wear Spandex shiny lycra leotards, which makes her look very pretty and stylish with shiny pantyhose underneath and 7″ patent bed-shoes !

Shop for Sissy Ballerina outfit

Since some sissy girls love so much wearing sissy ballerina outfits, I took some of them to buy their own sets of ballerina uniforms, we went down to Covent Garden, where there are a few shop that specializes in ballet dance wear and fantasy ballet dresses.