Forced Feminization

Forced feminization program


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Every dominant woman enjoys humiliating and degrading helpless straight men, forcing them into satin panties, pinafore aprons and lockable french maid uniforms.

Forced feminization program is based in a true Dominant & Submissive relation, where the Superior Goddess forces men into feminine outfits, to create the perfect balance of a small waistline with larger breasts and hips – those sensuous curves that all men love – classical hourglass shape that every woman tries to achieve.

Weak males are forcefully dressed in french sissy maid uniforms, and send to the kitchen and laundry area where they belong, and made to perform the chores and tasks of a house maid.

Sometimes two sissies will be forced feminized at the same time, and forced to surrender to Mistress’s wishes and being dressed as housemaids, once the sissy maid look is achieved both sissies are send to work, having to report continuously to the Superior in charge.

One of my favorite role plays is Sissy Husband, which strong men are forced feminized to wear plastic or satin frilly apron and rubber gloves and do the dishes and clean the restroom, whilst the SHE is having a cocktail – talking on the phone with her girlfriends and male lovers. This type of men are also known as Sissies Cuckold, a submissive sissy slave who is forced feminized, put into chastity and bounded to watch how her Mistress is sexually pleased by real males or handsome bulls !

Forced feminization = Forced Femme

When submissive sissy pets surrender, are dragged to the chamber slut where more erotic feminization training happens .. where they get forced to swallow cum, forced masturbation, made to suck and please cocks as well as being used as pussy wholes .