Forced Sissification

As a Sissy Mistress I am extremely capable and experienced Sissy trainer, ready to administer the discipline you need to become a perfect sissy. I provide the tools and personalized guidance to sissify, transform and educate that little boy into a slut bimbo princess.

Proper Sissification training is the key to become the special sissy slut you always dreamed.

I offer full service – assistance of sissification – force feminize, train and transition for sissy boys wanting to become MY real sissy pets.

Sissification assignments such as ” Mistress servitude”, ” How to please a real man” and “Masturbation Control” are the key of your sissy education.

First steps of Sissification

* Learn how to look good – girlish satin and lace.

* Proper domestic training and discipline, including punishment such as spanking or caning to gain cooperation and submission of the submissive sissy toy.

* Orgasm control through the use of a chastity belt to explore new frontiers in Female Domination.

* Share your naughty secrets with your Superior to develop a long lasting relationship.

* Worship and be a loyal sissy pet to your Superior with not limitation, this will prove that you are devoted to your Goddess and it will gain her attention.

* Being generous, attentive, supportive and bring gifts to your Mistress, will definitely captivate her soul and she will be willing to spend long hours in your company, and perhaps spend a weekend or summer holidays together.

* Let HER to modify your inner and outer sissy soul, because she knows what a real sissy boy wants and needs, and she will lead you deep into your sissy desires.

Online distance Sissification

I am specialist in distance sissy domination, forced petticoat training and cuckold humiliation.

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