Sissy Maid Training

Strict Sissy Maid Training


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A very efficient sissy maid training is based on strict discipline to become an obedient feminized Sissy Maid, which only can be orchestrated by a Real Mistress or Dominant wife.

This tasks takes a few weeks of corrective sissy behavior also known as “Sissy Maid training”. The key of the maid’s success is that the sissy boys always wear full French sissy maid attires.

The French sissy maid attire must be always clean, ironed and complimented with perfect matching feminine garments, such as satin frilly knickers, garter belts, bras, breast forms and fully fashioned seamed stockings.

Legs must be always shaved, to look feminine and smooth when wearing vintage stockings with extreme high heels.

An effective Sissy Maid Training

A Chastised sissy maid will always obey and learn her duties efficiently, there won’t be any discussion about it and once her pussy is locked, the sissy maid will be fully owned and responsive to Mistress’s orders.

Butt plugs are always Mistress’s best friend, once introduced on sissy maid butt, it will remind the Submissive Sissy maid that she is in charge of every situation from now.

Sissy Maid Training Duties

Lockable Sissy Maid Uniforms and Petticoats sometimes are needed to complete the Sissy Maid look, satin traditional maid uniform with white frilly petticoat and lockable zip, will ensure the sissy is not going to run away !

Once the sissy maid look is achieved, the next step is to introduce her to Sissy Maid’s chores such as:

Humiliating and messy jobs, scrubbing floors, cleaning toilets, cleaning windows where the sissy can be spotted from outside, send her to take out the trash to the bins, ankles locked up, mouth gagged up, and lots of make up on.

The main purpose of a Sissy Maid training is to make Mistress Luna’s life easier, then whatever she requires the Sissy maid is ready to do and make her Owner happy !