Sissy Transformation

Mistress Sissy transformation


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Sissy transformation is the art of body and posture modification, from masculine to a feminine look called also sissification. It can be voluntary or involuntary, depending of the sissy and his Mistress – wife or Dominant partner’s desires.

For a complete sissy transformation, men and boys must remove all their body hair from legs – arms – chest including genital area and face.

It is very important that Sissies take on tasks behaviors and feminine roles, adopting girlish mannerism and postures, such as sitting positions, acting and moving in a feminine way.

Sissy transformation tips

During the make over the application of make up is one of the basic secrets of my sissy transformation. A full make over is not completed without make up and hair styling. The application of the best quality of foundation – concealer and pressed powder is very important, following of eye shadow application and fake eyelashes. Ultimately the application of contour powders and pinkish blush to remark and enhance your cheekbones – and never forget to wear glossy pink or shinny red lipstick on !

Manicure and false nails application is also very important, quick and easy to do. The application of clear false nails for a beautiful look, the nails are quick and easy to apply using clear glue, and can be painted over with nail polish to suit your style.

Most Submissive men dream of being a real female just once, to experience what it feels like being sensual and attractive to men. Putting on all those lacy, frilly stockings, dresses and panties, applying all pretty makeup and wearing fake nails will male you feel feminine and attractive.

Sissy transformation dressing tips

No Sissy is completed without a nice pair of perky breast form bra designed to define your body’s shape. As well as cross-dresser undergarments hips and rear padded panty to add a little extra to your bottom and hips.