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London TV clothing Storage

The Cross-dressing Room, Mistress Luna’s Sissy Cross Dressing Services in London offers Sissy, CD and TV Storage for your lovely Femme shoes and clothing and sex toys.

Where do sissies keep their sissy clothes ?

I have always wondered how sissies and cross-dressers manage to keep their sissy clothes at home, and many times I have asked how do they do to keep their clothing away from their partners – girlfriends – parents – or flat mates ?

I’ve heard many different ways to hide your sissy or girly clothes, most of them keep it locked in a old suitcase, some of them keep it in the loft away from everyone, other said they keep it in the trunk of the car, just a few said in the locker of the office and most of them usually buy the clothes and after using it they trow it away.


Don’t trow away your sissy clothes anymore !

If you are tired of buying and trowing away your Sissy clothes, now Mistress Luna has a solution for you.

Bring all your Sissy costumes and Sissy accessories to The Cross-dressing Room and storage securely for a minimum of 6 months.

Rental Storage clothes

* The Cross-dressing Room, offers you a minimum 6 months rental to storage your Sissy – CD – TV clothing.

* It includes up to 2 boxes ( size 33 x 38 x 30 cm ), the boxes will be provided.

* You can request the collection of the clothing with a previous 48 hrs notice.

Price  6 months = £100 / 12 months = £150

sissy storage clothing

Can I rent for longer than 6 months ?

Yes, you can rent for 1 year or renew your Sissy Storage for another 6 months.

* Once your rental is due to renew,  you will receive an email notification.

* If you are not willing to renew and wish to collect your items, you will have 2 extra weeks FREE of charge to arrange the collection.

* After the NOTICE and the 2 extra weeks, if I do not hear from you and you still want to recover your clothing, you will have to pay a penalty of £50 to collect your boxes.

Arrange your Sissy Storage

Whatever your requirements are, Mistress Luna will help and offer you advice.

To contact Mistress Luna :

Call to +44 (0) 7850 230 434

All major credit cards accepted, payments by chip & pin device.

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